Unveiling Some Terms About Love

I came across these questions many times in life, “what is love? Is it good or bad? Do you believe in ‘the one'” and the list goes on very long! And each time my answer is the same.

Love is a fairytale! It is planned by God himself and executed by the nymphs!

It is the most beautiful feeling of in the world, rather it is not just a feeling, it is an emotion. It is not just felt, it is lived. It happens, it grows and it changes it forms too.

Love is not just the feeling spouse carry for each other, it ranges from impersonal to interpersonal love, from the love of mother for her children, love for friends and family to love for nature and hobbies, it is something very wide and elaborated.

It makes you live in heaven on earth; it is something which cannot be expressed by words! To get familiar with it, one has to fell it! Nobody can explain it to someone because they might have different perspective about it, for some it build them, while for some it breaks them.

Nothing in this world is purely black or purely white. Everything is grey. Likewise love too has its sides. The way two people adore each other, care for each other, and love each other! It’s like the best thing in world. The purest feeling of this world, the most selfless thing in this selfish world is love.

Then, why some people try to resist it so badly?

I think it happens when it should not! It takes place at the most unfit hour in life and people start having a bad feeling about it and they try to resist it, either because of the bad past experiences or because they are afraid that they might attach themselves to the wrong person.

Likewise, people say that love is unconditional and it doesn’t come with terms and conditions! Maybe they are right. But, then why do most of the relationships end after a period of time? Why the charm between two people, once who considered each other as life, sabotages? Love like every other thing comes with pre requisites. It needs interaction, time, attention and care.

If it is too good and is given place next to God, then why does it does not stays forever? Why do people don’t believe in forever? People exclaim that they’ve lost their magic! The spark between them is over, and tons of this sort of shit! Obviously, being in a relationship with a same person for years, make people run of out of topics to talk! Matters to discuss and literature to write for them!

I do believe in forever. I also do believe in the one! I think God have created the one person for everyone. But i also do believe in searching for the one! The world is too big for your ‘the one’ to stumble with you. Go and search and in search of the one, people get life time of experiences and lessons! I don’t see any harm in being in a relationship, even with the wrong person! Because only from the wrong person, one gets the right experience!

I don’t believe in the philosophies about the perfect one or the perfect love! Nothing is perfect! Two souls make it perfect!