Long Distance Relationship Advice: It Can Work

Mutual Effort

Each person in this situation has to put forth their best effort towards making this difficult situation work. Without mutual effort, one can be left with a sense of neglect or disinterest. Especially since you can’t see the person and get reads from body language on their interest. You both have to work like clock work gears, one cannot work with out the other working equally.


Communicating is vitally important. Not just once or twice a week. No, that will not do. You will need to communicate everyday and at least 3-4 times a day and especially at night before bed so that you both can hear that “I love you” to sleep on. The more the better because this is taking the place of physical interaction.

Visit As often as your budget allows

In my humble opinion it would take two strong people with the purest intentions to make a long distance relationship work without ever seeing each other. An extended period is understandable but, how long is too long? Make every effort to see each other as much as you can. This will help take the weight off of the distance and help strengthen the absence makes the heart grow fonder thing. You can find some pretty cheap flights on Kayak.com. I’ve used them numerous times and was very happy.

Set standards early

Make your expectations plain before committing to a long distance relationship. Set time frames to communicate, get a good idea on who visits who and when.Be realistic and fair in your expectations and standards. You need more attention than if you were close together but it is possible to smother each other even at the greatest physical distance. Set the limits early to avoid any confusions or arguments. Arguments and disagreements are the worst thing for a long distance relationship. This leads us to the next point.

Don’t Argue

You can pretty much kiss the relationship good-bye if this happens to often. The distance between you can greatly influence and enhance any types of arguments. Try to talk disagreements through and if an agreement can’t be reached, don’t linger on it. Try to move on and brush away the small things. If standards were set and agreed on you shouldn’t run into this too often.

Keeps the spark alive

We live in a great time in life where even long distance relationships can flourish to a point. With the technology we have today like Facebook, Skype, instant messengers, and smart phone apps, it can seem that your honey is there and you have access to them almost instantaneously. Use these to your advantage when thinking of creative ways to flirt and suggest. Send gifts, set a dinner time to eat together while video chatting. It’s between the two of you and no one else, so give it a try.

No wedding plans (yet)

It’s easy to feel like you need to lock your partner down while they are away because you think that will ensure monogamy. Or maybe your distance has brought you closer together so you feel you need to ensure it with a proposal. Don’t add any pressure to the situation that doesn’t have to be. You are already in a complex situation being so far apart. Don’t add the pressure and don’t accept the pressure. It’s better to leave it for when you reunite.