How God Arranged My Divorce

The claim that marriage is from God is as false as everything else about religious ideology. The so-called vows one undertakes are nothing but magical words meant to somehow change the status of someone. In fact, all they do is bring two people into church or wherever for the sake of the law. Be that religious or secular law it makes little difference when the end result is pain and suffering from living together.

Following my reincarnation and with a link to the Spirit many things became apparent from a young age. There is no heaven or hell, for instance, and without evidence of same people pay a fortune for the promise of a safe ride into eternity with good things happening. The alternative is they will reside in an eternal fire, according to the myths they are brain-washed into believing.

When it was my turn to marry and have children things went wrong from the start. It was the worst experience of my life and the loneliness of the situation was impossible to bear. Once when we were on a holiday in my caravan which was bought for the purpose of taking the children away for breaks the Spirit intervened in a most remarkable way.

We were at a seaside resort in Norther New South Wales and later that night he made up the other bed to sleep in. As I wondered about it the Spirit gave me a vision of him floating away like a dead fish down the river. This was virtually a warning that the marriage was over and the power was with me.

The next morning, he took off by train leaving me alone with the kids and the caravan and no money. This was not an easy situation to be in but again provision was made and we were able to get back to Sydney leaving the caravan behind.

The divorce followed soon after and then the Spirit called me to the work I now do. That followed a commission to break down the barrier of deceit and expose the roots of religion in sun-worship. We are nearing the end of the day and the world will soon change forever. Those who remain will be the spiritual people who have been prepared to be gathered.

During the course of the 4,000 years long day we have all reincarnated at least six times (Job 5:19-21) and now is the judgment. Those who oppose the Spirit and have gone after the false gods of religion will be taken away forever. The survivors will be alive again and the real God will rid the world of all the evil. That is the promise and the plan of God.