3 Possible Reasons That Can Cause a Divorce

Marriages are said to be made in heaven. But unfortunately, some cannot survive the problems on earth itself and unfortunately they break. The reasons might vary from person to person. The first and foremost thing is that marriage is a bond. Failing to maintain the relation and its basic is one of the major factors why marriages goes off. To maintain a relation the most important factor is having an understanding between the partners. This understanding can go a long way in making a relation successful. If there is a gap in the understanding of the person then that leads to the gap first. The gap keeps on increasing with time and situations. It is the responsibility of both the person to take care of this delicate aspect.

Challenges are a part of the life and in marriage, both the partners have to face the challenges being together rather than one running away. The most common cases where in divorce cases are found to occur are mostly in three instances. Let us discuss them one by one:

Having an Extramarital Affair

Having an extramarital affair is known as adultery. This is bad as one is cheating on his/ her wife or husband respectively. So, there is a betrayal between the partners turning out the trust of the partner. In some of the countries, adultery is a crime. The partner involved in committing the crime is also punished severely.


Addiction can be of anything which a person does consistently. This habit of the person can have a negative impact. Suppose a person is addicted to drugs like Heroine, Cocaine, Liquor and others then he or she will stay glued to that rather than spending any time with his or her partner.

Abusing the Partner

Abusing the partner physically or mentally can be a cause of ending all ties of the relationship. The abuse can also be in the form of insulting the partner or misusing him or her. Physical abuses in a marriage are known as domestic violence. Cases of pushing, striking, beating can be cited as examples of physical abuse. There are several laws in every country that deal domestic violence cases and rescue the victim from his or her condition.

So, these conditions are enough to give one the reason to opt out of a meaningless and unhappy bond of marriage. If one wants to have a smooth divorce procedure then they should consider hiring a good lawyer who deals in such matters.