The George Costanza School of “Getting a Girlfriend”

Remember Seinfeld?

Yeah, the TV Show.

(Btw, even decades after being canceled… people are still loving it!)


A couple of days ago, I read a newsletter from one of my business mentors. He talked about a lesson he learned from that show. More specifically, from the episode where George Costanza did everything the opposite way. And even though the lesson was about marketing, it can be applied to dating too. Especially if you are looking to get a beautiful, high-quality girlfriend instead of a drunk drab.


There’s this scene where George Costanza gets a job interview with the New York Yankees. Now, instead of kissing the owner’s ass, he told him the Yankees sucked. He also made sure to tell him WHY he believed all of the owner’s decisions were big fat mistakes.

He got hired on the spot!

Then there was this other scene, where he saw this hot, sexy babe having dinner alone. So, he walked up to her. And rather than trying to be someone he’s not and deceive her into a date, he told her he was bald, short, had no job, and still lived with his parents. She instantly went on a date with him!

The crazy thing is…

It’s the same with dating as an introvert. You see, dating is tough for introverts! Because most dating advice tries to turn introverts into extroverts and pushes them to present themselves as someone they’re not! And if that’s not enough, most dating techniques are about tricking, lying, and manipulating women into relationships. It goes without saying that none of these will help you get a quality girlfriend.

And certainly not a long-term one!

I mean, what do you think happens once she finds out the guy is NOT who he “pretended” to be? That’s right! She dumps him!

Here’s my point:

Let the other team go down that path.

Let the PUAs get the low-quality women and get dumped after their “fa├žade” crumbles.

We’ll take the “opposite” approach.

Cause doing the opposite of what all the other guys are doing can give you a BIG leg up with the ladies – especially with the high-quality ones.

Try it.

You really might be surprised by the results.

Right now, you’re probably wondering, “what specific opposite things can I do?” Well… here’s something practical you can apply in your next interaction with a woman. Next time you disagree with a woman, instead of changing your opinion to match hers and going into “me too” mode, as most guys do, simply do the opposite!

Disagree with her!

You’ll see that by doing so, you actually create attraction! Cause attraction is created when we break rapport, not when we build it. And that’s the problem. Our whole lives, we’ve been taught to build rapport with people. Our parents told us to be nice. In school, they told us to be nice. At work, they ask us to be nice.


Think of any communication course you’ve ever been on at work. It’s all about building rapport and befriending people. But if all you do with a woman is befriend her… don’t act surprised when you land in the friendzone. So next time your date tells you she likes Harry Potter, don’t be afraid to tell her it’s lame!

Of course, don’t be rude!

As long as you do it playfully, with a cheeky smile on your face, you’ll notice she’ll become more attracted to you!

Hope you enjoyed this article cause that’s all I’ve got for you today!