Sexual Urges: How Can the Lonely Single Control Sexual Desires

Are you experiencing sexual urges in your loneliness? Do you know that you can actually control those emotional tensions?

These sexual urges are natural. They are there in humans and even in the lower animals. We are all created with that nature. If it were not so, what would you think would have happened to human and animal species? We would have all gone extinct. The Supreme Being made it so for purposes of procreation.

However, the intensity of these sexual urges vary from age to age. It is the strongest in adolescents. This is because their sexual hormonal levels are at their peak at that age. As humans advance in age, the hormonal levels deplete and so also the sexual outbursts.

When you are alone and single, the urge must come. And incidentally, the young men and women in the marriageable age experience this surge the most but in most cases, they do not have the ‘relief valve’ as and when needed.

Ordinarily, this natural phenomenon is not supposed to pose a problem of any type but it is actually a problem among young people.

In order to quench the ‘fire’, many young people engage in all manner of pre-marital activities that get them into trouble. What has become rampant is ‘boy-meet-girl’ and they begin to have intimate relationships that expose them to all sorts of sexually transmitted diseases. Some young women are even put in a family way and the pregnancies terminated through abortions. And some have got their reproductive systems destroyed and others even died in the process.

Many others have followed the path of masturbation. There are homosexuals and lesbians. All these are happening because young people are looking for ways to release sexual tensions.

The question is: how can these sexual desires be controlled?

Here are 5 simple ways…

 Your Thoughts: Yes, the sexual urges will come! But sex is a thing of the mind. If you do not focus your mind and thoughts on it, it gets disabled. You therefore need to control your thoughts. Get your mind occupied with other things and you will watch the surge go down naturally.

 Keep Busy: They say an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. If you don’t keep busy, you will be overwhelmed by the sexual desires. How do you get yourself engaged? Read books; learn new skills; engage in regular exercises; etc. What is your vision? Where do you want to be and what impact do you want to create in your community and indeed the World? Do not allow sexual tensions that are ephemeral rob you or cut short your life mission!

 Stay Away from the Triggers: There are some attitudes that exacerbate the urges. You need to avoid such triggers like the Coronavirus ravaging the World today. One of them is watching pornographic videos. What are you feeding your eyes with? What are you feeding your mind with? Remember, your mind is the engine room. How about alcohol and drugs? Stay clear of those!

 Avoid Masturbation: You can get addicted to masturbation. As you continue to use masturbation as a means of releasing emotional pressure, it moves from habitual to addiction. When it gets to that level, it becomes difficult to stop and the urge will keep mounting. The best option is to nip it in the bud.

 Keep Good Company: Who are your friends? They say tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are. Also, it is said that you are the average of the five people you are always in close contact with. Choose your friends very carefully – those who have good characters and those that put great values around their lives.

Sexual urges are signs of puberty. It is a sign that you are ready for procreation. The Scripture says that there’s a time and season for everything. Control yourself until it is your time to commit in marriage.