Time to Celebrate Jubilees and Anniversaries

Sixty years of dedicated service is a major achievement. As the UK pays tribute and celebrates HRH Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee, marks her sense of duty and commitment over the years it is also a time to celebrate jubilees and anniversaries of our own and value the times in life that warrant appreciation and respect.

How can we best pay tribute and take time to celebrate jubilees and anniversaries, to value the areas in life that have sustained us and served us well:

– Wedding anniversaries are an opportunity to reflect on our relationship with our partner. We can look back over the previous year; is our relationship improving, are we taking it for granted, do we perhaps need to consider our partner’s needs a little more? It can be all too easy to take each other for granted. An anniversary provides an important opportunity to celebrate our relationship and commit to making an extra effort to value it more.

– Loyal friends often deserve appreciation. They stand by us through good times and bad, are often forgotten when we’re busy or preoccupied. They may also forget us at times, but why not use the Jubilee as an opportunity to appreciate the long-standing friendships and relationships in your life? Make an effort and celebrate their importance to you.

– Work is the place where many of us spend most of our time. Very few people remain in the same job for years; the Gold Watch awarded for 25 years loyal service has long gone. Many people are self-employed, contractors or change jobs relatively frequently. But at times we need to reflect on what is important in life. As the years go by it is important to assess how far we have come, do we need to enhance our skills, volunteer for extra training, attend classes in our own time? Money needs to be earned to support family and lifestyle, but personal fulfillment and satisfaction is important too. As you celebrate your anniversaries at work review your commitment to yourself and decide how best to maximise the areas in life that provide good feedback and recognition of your skills, talents and capabilities.

– Parents become older and have their areas of concern. They often worry about being left on their own, having poor health, becoming a burden. Listen to their concerns respectfully and reassure them that there are many viable ways for elderly parents to stay in their own homes if that’s what they desire. As their anniversaries come and go maybe support them by organising help. Respect their wishes but consider providing help with their garden, cleaning, cooking, maybe help them learn to shop on the internet; all these are ways to maintain independent living.

– An important area to consider is how we personally readjust as time passes. Birthdays are an important opportunity to review how our life is panning out. As we celebrate another year we may need to review and revise our goals and dreams, be flexible enough to appreciate that as one door closes another one often opens. We may realise that our life is different from how we originally planned it, or that the goals that once served us well, that were once important are now less so. We can celebrate the changes in our aspirations, finances, health and support ourselves in maintaining a positive outlook and good quality of life.